I think it’s time to drop the expertise system

Whoa, whoa whoa… We don’t do that here.

We need coloring book style with Crayons please D:, and i want a puzzle maze to get to the right answer!


Yep, after doing it; it felt pointless

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Lets be 100% honest here, The most fun and longevity I’ve ever had in an MMO is from player created content.
Building blocks put in place by the game developers for the players to use and creates addiction forming habits based upon gameplay rewards (Not a CASH SHOP)!
Events that anyone can join in, grind out and just have fun which doesn’t involve you needing to be in a party to get any kind of reward, just be there and join in.

It should not be hard to set up and event system that has a rotating database and structured in a way where it maintains itself and all the Developers have to do is just add a new database to the list every 6 - 12 months.

You can include multiple systems within that system to get players to feed into it and create their own narrative and as such creates a sense of community which will feed those addictive behaviors.

Its not rocket science ffs!


Daily reminder that expertise is a trash system designed for people that are overly sensitive to dopamine hits.


Because each of them has never tried a scaling on a single, purpose-built PVP activity. To see how it goes and whether or not they can adapt it to other PVP activities.
In that vein, I could easily come up with a fully inclusive PVP activity that should be met with general enthusiasm.
…I don’t understand why nobody thought of it before me! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

The joke. No one to play, of course long life

Try harder next time. Not taking this bait.

I might surprise you… but don’t worry, I’m way too lazy to do that… :slightly_smiling_face: