I think Musket changes will miss the point again

What ever fall off dmg they implement will not make the glass canon musket come closer. Nor will self root help the situation of musket staying as far as possible from fights


  1. Hard cap range at mage weapons range

  2. Remove the Int scaling from musket so they can go 300 Dex and 200 Con. This will also reduce their dmg because of the lost split in magic dmg

  3. Remove the self slow on reloading to improve the fluidity of combat

Now Musket is closer to fight but it’s more mobile and more tanky while still keeping its unique hitscan mechanic and high empowerment

While allowing players to gear and gem easily against its damage since its going to be pure physical thrust damage instead of the 60/40 split

What’s going to be the difference between it and the bow then ?

Bow while not being hit scan will be the highest range weapon with more rapid attacks available to it than musket that will need to reload after each attack

Start by removing hitscan first.

Just remove the weapon all together :). Nobody will miss it.

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