I think OPR mode is trashed by PVE content in it

It’s only available PVP mode if you’re playing solo and it sucks because every 3 out of 5 games we have at lease 4-5 maybe more player farming pve junks.So that makes already unfair game mode because of healer and mage deficiencies even more unfair.Please remove all pve aspect out of OPR so we can PVP. BTW people needs to know you dont have to play a game just because a game is hyped biggest issue of New World there are tons of non mmorpg players who dont know what to do.We have healers who heals themselves out of combat.Mages right in the center of fights.Also we need a ranking system for this gamemode maybe we can match make with other realms too so it’ll make us wait less and play with better players.

OPR was created with PvE and PvP players in mind. Noone is forcing you to PvE nor PvP. You can choose how to contribute to the war effort.

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You say so but i guess you weren’t thinking how broken is a Brute is, it takes 35-40 sec of a group of 10 people to kill it and it can be farmed from at most 20 mobs like 3-4 minutes.
Lets talk about almost very common situation.Enemy team can farm like 3 of this brutes with group of 10 in like at most 5-6 minutes meanwhile other 10 people can only defend the base closer to them.Even ıf they lose it as long as they got the baroness they will win it because the group of 20 became worth of 30 maybe 35 people thanks to 3 brutes.There is another side to this story that my team tries to farm trees/ores/leather/azoth etc. then dying to enemy and losing all this resources now enemy has cannons/doors/commander post. In my opinion outpost rush must be a classic capture the flag kind of game mode without pve nonsense.

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