I think the devs are doing a great job!

The fact that they choose to focus on giving us these really awesome seasonal events FOR FREE is really impressive. It really makes the game so much better because for a few weeks every now and then my content loops get slightly diversified! And I think it’s really unfair of people to expect some quality content loop diversy on a permanent basis because if the game was fun all the time then the seasonal events wouldn’t be as awesome!

Just think about it, if it was your birthday every single day then it wouldn’t feel special anymore, right? So I for one support the devs decision to not provide us with any new content, especially for PvP. They are already reworking the influence quests for a 2nd time so the PvP’ers should be happy anyway! Well atleast the PvP’ers that participate in wars. The rest of the PvP’ers dont matter anyway :smiley:

Thank you for keeping your focus where it should be devs! :partying_face:


ChatGPT: Write me a script for a video about the lack of PvP content in New World.

Its hilarious.

That and you would be like a billion years old pretty dang fast…

I needed a good laugh today thank you

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A new pvp mode would obviously be nice but come on, the beauty of pvp is that you can entertain yourself with it, go try a new build or duel with people. You dont need new modes to have fun in pvp

I dont understand how people can complain about PvP content but they exclude the PvP War content - for whatever reasons.
Its same like PvE guys are coming to complain about lack of PvE because they dont like expeditions.

DEVS are doing good so far. A lot of projects to improve. But all are taking time and cant come instantly.
New World need to do few things:
-ban aim-bot-hacks - or find a solution to detect and ban them.
-disable forum and implement a feedback form (can be periodic or permanent function).
-do merges all the times when servers are dropping under 1.000-1.500 online players during peek hours for more than 7 days.

Yeah agree :+1:, dev really does a great job. Pvp is endgame for pver and everyone know it after finished the pve endgame

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