I think the games dying faster than during the dupe

Its kinda crazy I was really pumped for this mutations patch… a lot of us were and Im def not in the boat of people who are struggling with mutations so they hate it. The population seems to be dwindling pretty bad now, especially towards the end of the week, (btw Laz shouldnt still be up as mutation its been a week) I dont even appreciate that I have to make the decision on spending my reup keys on it.

Biggest problem seems to be Mutations pull people away from almost every other aspect of the game and it becomes only about umbral shards… honestly that wouldnt be that big of a problem but we are only allowed 2 keys a week, when 3 keys a week was clearly no where near enough.

The other problem at least for me is you put in a bunch of new legendaries and almost all of them have terrible third perks … that is very troll and you mixed up the perks on things so none are the same but some things dont really make sense together so now they are just taking up space… it kinda makes it seem like there needs to be UNIQUE affixes to legendaries or at least more affixes to pick from and still less legendaries that can drop

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