I think you forgot the Bow nerfs, AGS?

30-40% nerfs and loss of CC isn’t significant?

It’s not even remotely close to being nerfed by 30-40% though. Don’t throw numbers out there when you obviously have zero clue how math works. You just can’t add up the percentage reductions from each passive and say the overall damage got nerfed by the sum of that. Just not how it works at all.

I didn’t say 30-40% damage nerfs did I? I said 30-40% nerfs. Those are significant numbers tuning wise. And evade shot did in fact get a 35% damage nerf. I know reading comprehension can be tough at times

With Fortify being pretty much irrelevant, there is literally zero difference between the live and PTR damage output. If anything the overall damage output is slightly higher against the average player on the PTR as a majority of players rely on fortify to stay alive on the live client.

No matter how you twist it and turn it, it’s not the ‘big nerf’ that you want to display it as and it’s going to have to get nerfed eventually.

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So one weapon needs to be nerfed more because of fortify nerfs… Doesn’t fortify make other weapons stronger against you as well?

Let’s see how this patch turns out. Id rather do gradual tuning rather than nuking a weapon based on forum complainers who havent seen how it performs on live yet.

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go look at my balance post. Very sensible suggestions, there is no “nuking”.

I just read it, very heavy on reverting the melee nerfs. Some interesting ideas. Bow heavy animation cancel was patched out a while ago tho.

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was it? Its definitely still on live, I didn’t see it in the ptr patch notes. I think most of the melee nerfs were too extreme, especially for Great Axe. Great axe needs an identity, I suggested reverting the damage of almost all single target cc abilities across the board not just melee.

Tbh I think the game is too bursty as it is and think cc should be a bigger mechanic other than using it to one shot someone. I think going in the direction of nerfing wombo combos is alright.

And no it isn’t in the game anymore. The people you see that are doing it still are either unaware or are doing it out of habit

Are You fine? If you narrow-mindedly look at the whole game through the prism of OPR, this is solely your problem, as well as other people with the same point of view. Your post is just ridiculous. Maybe just remove the bow from the game? Musket has already been removed from the game for 3 months. Would you like to do the same with bow? Will you feel better that way? If suddenly you adhere to such logic, then be careful, because with this approach, each weapon will be destroyed over time.

You created a post 19 hours ago. I suspect that you are very upset about the changes in the ability of the hatchet, so you created this post kek.

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Just confirmed with a few of the top bows on NA. The crouch cancel does indeed still work, nor could I find any patch notes about it.

1 stagger removed, 1 staggers damage reduced by 30% and 3 total staggers removed from usual meta secondary weapons.

No. Your wrong.

Almost certain it’s not. You can literally try it yourself. Either way, if it is then it needs to patched lol. Kinda off the point

OPR feels like a Boromir simulator. Death by arrows. Its not fun to get instantly deleted by a million shots.


So maybe it’s a problem with the card? Maybe it’s a problem with the game, the developers with their attitude towards pvp content? That after a year and a half we have the only “pvp for everyone” mode and there have been no changes? Have you thought about this? Maybe we should ask for a new battleground mode and a new map? What do you think? Or is it your choice to sit in a cage and look the other way instead of where it’s supposed to go?

I said 2-4 bows on each side, which is accurate and consistent with the highest tiers of PvP competition on NA (Castle of Steel)/EU (Barri) where people actually min/max their roster compositions. So not sure where you’re playing your wars.

Screenshot 2023-03-13 004733
Screenshot 2023-03-13 004911
I took 5007 damage total from 1 bow heavy that wasn’t even a headshot from someone with 1 ME stack and I had 25 thrust resistance plus full resilient. I used to run 40 thrust and I would still get absolutely chunked ME is not the problem at hand. I am sorry but anyone who says ME is the source of the problem are liars and just dex players who are trying to keep their crutch from being nerfed. Ranged is insanely over powered and completely kills the pvp scene completely besides the devs abandoning pvp like they have.


most kill teams have 1-2 melees and 2-3 bows and there are 3 kill squads so odadyahu is correct. typically 6 bows plus a few muskets on defense.

Can confirm. Not sure where he is getting 2-4 bows from. We slot 6 at minimum