I thought the desync and stuttering in OPRs was fixed?

I dont pvp that much and since Im a tank, and tanks are useless in pvp in this game, I dont bother. I have done OPR in the past but the desync and stuttering was so intense I gave it up. Well tonight I decided to try OPR for the red gypsom, specced into Strength with a WH and BB. Well everytime I hit an ice patch (as everyone and their mother seems to carry an ice gauntlet) I was stuttering non-stop and most times on ONE FOOT! I should have taken a screen shot. I simply could not move and stuttered for several seconds every single time I ran over ice. Is this working as intended?

Please advise (translated means: What the heck is going on?) Thank you!

Limited warranty

BUMP for the tanks

ITs super bad.
Dsync is bad even morning. AA from fs are going through enemies now. And lag is like never before to. Example: i see start of GA charge animation but new i see is dude on my face. And more dsync and lag. Its amazing.

Its like last patch was done by real devs and this one by some team of IT students as a project on 1 year or sth.

Yup. Desync and stuttering is noticeably worse since the latest patch. :frowning:

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I went from 70-80 RTT/imput lat, to 200 since patch. Its horrible so much so that i am not playing because of it. I am super annoyed.

It was fixed … no it is not😎 Tanks are not useless u can in PvP SnS and hammer is good option play 200/300 also GA/Hammer 200/300 is also good option in heavy armor your CCs last forever.

This is the kind of comment that gets you nerfed.

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