I thought the pvp players were going to keep this game alive?

What happened? All the PVE people I played with have left and were repeatedly told that this is a pvp game and that pvers were not needed. I’m coming back from a break and the population seems horrible. What did I miss?


They went full PvE and everyone left…


Interesting, before I took a break it seemed to be the opposite

Now even PvE players are getting hurt by the mutation game design wich cut all companies in 2 part with forgotten members, there is many thread on the forum regarding this …
Also some other content like OPR have been abandoned :confused:

they broke pvp. Nerfed most weapons to %¤#%, did not fix the obvious imbalances, introduced even more lag/desync and forced pvpers to grind pve on daily basis for 3 months…


So in short everyone raged at each other for nothing cause AWS just screwed everyone then huh?

They added one update and the PvP only people lost their minds.

I’m sure that they’ve figured out by now that mutation orbs aren’t infinite and that opr is picking back up.

Well…2 updates… The first one was you needed to grind PvE HWM/Expertise 500->590 which was done by daily chestruns…Then ofc they nerfed chestruns and then they added more areas so instead of 1h in SM you had to spend half an evening to also do palace and reek…
Then they added gypsum and nerfed chests some more and out of all gypsum 1 was pvp and 1 was crafting rest was pve…
Then they increased grind again 590-600 AND then forced timegated pve dungeons on players for 600-625…

So if you are pve I guess you should be happy, you have 3 months of pve grinding to look forward to :smiley:

Oh yeah… with the Mutation 1337ness I guess pve players are as f¤%&ked as pvp players… Good luck finding a group if you are 520ish GS…


In fairness, that one - for people who were playing while purchased and crafted gear was going to keep its gear score and decided not to buy cheap 590s - is a player problem. Now new 60s and new players? Yes, fully screwed.


Ture that. Everyone had plenty of time to grab their gear off G2G.com. If you missed out, that’s on YOU.

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lag/desync the worst for pvp. Heck, it;s even annoying in pve. Fighting on melee teleports my character all around the melee mobs. It’s super annoying!

Second reason why people quit is probably the grind difficult of the game. Takes too long to lev professions to 200, especially furniture and weaponsmith, It’s insanity and not rewarding cuz then we gotta engage in a ridiculous grind for RnG upgrades, rivaling only BDO’s…

Third is probably the combat. Combat in NW is far too clunky. Character moves and jumps as if it’s wearing 800 Pounds of armor. The skills animations, transitions, and weapon switch are not smooth in the least. It’s not pleasing fighting in NW compared to other mmos. And constant stagger in pve makes fights just ANNOYING, not challenging.

Then I’d say it’s the lack of content. We should probably poll it tho.

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PvPers are all about destroying games and moving on.

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It’s the PvE whining that’s causing the decrease in player base day by day by day by day by day by day…keep mocking PvP

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PVP is broken im on my last leg with these fucks. Melee is gone, ranged is nothing but ESP aimbots.

you cant fucking switch weap and cast for shit now, health pots just fuck you up and you end up losing more life than what they fucking gave you because the animation is so fucking long, they dragged out switch animation with no cancel to the point it fucking bugs everytime and shows the wrong weapon

run bug still hits

chat bug still hits

weap bug still hits

25% if this game is trying to find out what bug is fucking with you


The game is alive. And it is smart to play it rn to give yourself an edge over ppl who realize too late NW is getting good.

Yeeeaaaaahh Suuuuureeee

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My entire PvE group is still here and having a blast.

I absolutely think they should stick with PvP and grow it and enhance it, but I truly believe that PvE will keep the game afloat for the medium term if not in the long term.

Keep mocking, you are a very important person in society.

I will do it, I am :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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