I Tried PvP Today!

So to preface this, I am not a PvPer. I think I tried it once in Wildstar or DAOC but didn’t enjoy it. I also came into NW not wanting to PvP

Well today I wanted to mix things up a bit. I needed to get my next level of Faction armor, and it was pretty quiet around FL. So I grabbed the 3 PvP quests and headed out

My butt was clenched as I did the quests. After a time, other Cov players joined in and we had a bit of a conga line going. I joined a group and as the hours went by, we had a little zerg and were fighting opponents

I had difficulty keeping up, and at level 44 I was sniped alot. I was getting to like being hit in the face with a hammer …. Ahem, and soon enough we made FL unstable

I went with the zerg to take the fort, but that ended kinda meh. I didn’t know what was happening and ended up being camp killed 4 times in a row so my armor was all broken

One of the ppl looking to start a war for FL was kind enough to send me 1k gold to help with repairs.

I would like to see more variety in PvP missions, because right now your opponents can just camp the same 3 areas you need to go. Random variation can help keep that from happening so much

Also being attacked by a lvl 60 in good gear as a 44 … 3 hits and I was down. Don’t get me started on the stuns. Get hit with a hammer skill and poked to death

I won’t be doing any more PvP. At least for a while. If you want to try it, don’t go alone. Get a group. Realize you will probably have your gear break alot.

I had fun. Let’s see if AGS changes things.

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I actually like the fact that the PvP missions are all in the same area for every faction. It means that you’re more likely to cross paths with the enemy in the open world which is rare enough as it is.

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Did you have a good time?

and now you’ve done all there is to pvp in the game pretty much. all it really is for a lot of people currently(anyone below 60) is a new and exciting way to die. it can be fun, i like it most of the time, but when all you do is the same 3 quests like the pve side… all that dying for little reward kind blows, especially once you factor in the repairs. so i’m happy with flagging, right now i can’t afford any more armour repairs, again…

camp camping aye, kind of weak when you think about it.

I had fun. A bit frustrating at times though

In truth It would be something I do once every month. At least the level I am. Cost of repairs really hurts

This isnt going to end well… :rofl:

PvP can be fun from time to time, especially when with a fun group of people. Not always my cup of tea but once in a while I do like to get out there and help my company knock a few heads.


Those are huge issues with the pvp. Most people run with hammers and or great axe. With those 2 they can hold you in place with zero chance to defend yourself.

If you aren’t running a similar build or even a life staff, you are out of luck 9/10 times unless you have a teammate and even then, at 1k+ dmg a hit, some players can kill you really easy.

There is no reason whatsoever for a pvp centered game to have mechanics that COMPLETELY leave you without being able to move or defend yourself.

It is not fair, pvp games need to have balance so that all combinations and encounters come down to skill. This game does not reward skill rather than just everyone using the same weapons.


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