I tried to come back and wanted to love it

I tried to play again and had high hopes that Amazon would of corrected all the countless mistakes they made …

I couldn’t keep playing, i wanted too but the new speed buff making me jerk every few seconds got on my nerves!

You could of had a great game Amazon …

I lagged and so I cried on the forums about quitting again

Welcome back, have a nice day.

You can just check any new news/patch notes to know if it’s worth logging back in.

Performance is still bad, combat is still bad, and there’s still no real indication of a cohesive vision of what game AGS wants.

Oh, and there’s still people on the forums pathetically waiting to jump on you to tell you how pathetic you are for giving feedback in your own way.

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lol that’s a fun way of saying whining.

You almost had your name spelt correctly… Cretin…

Welcome to the desync lag fest. And servers being run by the 1%.


  1. Dupe to get ahead
  2. Exploit to win wars
  3. Use over taxed coin proceeds to manipulate they market and roll all the bis gear
  4. Cheat, aimbot, all the above to maintain ownership
  5. Along the way con others, control who gets into wars, if someone start to get strong make sure you have their war thrown, down let others in invasions as well, be extra toxic and non inclusive to the player base
  6. Enjoy endless coin- Amazon game don’t want attackers to have a chance, defensive spawn right were you want to be, attacking siege does nothing

My company would rather fill out half their roster full of yellow or purps for wars instead of their own green who helped push influence or pushed town boards for buffs. Shit is insulting when you grinded to near BiS but you can’t even use your gear for a purpose & the fact that you can enlist other factions to fight for you. That was the last straw for me among all the numerous problems of the game I already disliked. Ever since I uninstalled, my mental health has been feelin a lot better.

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