I understand bots but I can't understand AGS's apathy against them

could be very simple

they dont have to ban them . just force pvp on always on bots , and make the bots full loot pvp.

and we got a bunch of loot goblins we can hunt down . make it fun for us .
make it suck for bots…


I am guessing that this is another Blizzard look alike move.

Why should we invest extra resources and do so much work to ban the bots or even try to keep them at bay when we can just ignore them and even gain a few benefits.

The biggest problem of them all might also be with New World not being as profitable as it should have been.

i really love that idea!!!
Please AGS make it so bots get autoflagged pvp if you´ve tracked them down and aren´t ready to ban yet!!!

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That would be soooo satisfying and a new way to farm “Farm the bots”

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The developers are completely incompetent, the reporting system does not work completely, the bots have been alive for two months.!
English is not my first language, so it may contain errors, sorry!


It’s not apathy, it’s inability.

They’ve actively tried to fix each bug and exploit since the game launched; the only thing they haven’t touched with a 10-foot pole is bots. A few comments here and there but that’s it, zero action.

And they’ve already told us they didn’t have in-game GMs (game masters).

So the only logical explanation is that they have no capability to deal with bots. Maybe they’re working on something, but they haven’t had a tool to deal with them so far.

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A single human GM on each server, could manually ban 1000 bots a day. Just run shorelines and mining routes, they are not hard to find.


You report a bot than GM checks it. Thats it. Even 1 GM per region is enough to check reports and ban bots on daily basis.


I would do this for free, for fun. AGS Hire me. I will even make youtube videos of me running about banning them to benny hill music.


Zero tolerance to bots and gold farmers please

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AGS, let us plant a “Bot Hunter” banner or something like that. The banner can be planted in any area that is not a sanctuary. The banner creates a circular area of like 10 m diameter or so.
If you stand in that area uninterruptedly for longer than 1 minute, you get instantly marked as “PvP on”.

Any real PvE player can avoid that by just leaving the area before 1 minute has passed.
Unmonitored bots would be forced to move away from resource nodes or fishing spots, or be killed by roaming bot-hunters.

Is there any way this could be abused to grief genuine PvE players?

There are no GMs. They would have to create a character like we do and go find that person in the game… or hope to run into them where you said they would be. At least this is what is understood when they said they had no in-game Game Masters.

The tickets we send go to cs/moderators, not game masters, and they don’t go into the game to verify things. They just sit in a room and answer tickets.

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Which is the main problem and why they will never get a handle on the bots…

The only reason I can think of that might actually pass for a partial excuse is they weren’t funded well enough for this issue.

Undoubtedly AGS is not handling customer service specifically ingame issues like bots. So how much is actually under their control once a contract is signed is questionable.

This does not completely excuse the lack of response or action.

The bots are becoming worse and worse.

What this also means is that more and more players are buying coin from these people.

Also, while it is certainly a smaller group there are players who purchase botting software to run their own characters. Sometimes buying alternate accounts. Often this is to level various skills like mining. Obviously it is also to gather from nodes in order to make coin or to be used later to raise crafting.

They are the last paying customers in this dead game.

No they could not.

If there were GMs in this game . . . OMG . . . I would feel for them. They would be inundated every minute by someone bitching about something that they would have to respond to. They would not be able to do anything because the volume of bitching would be immense. And if you think the bitching would only be about bots . . . ROFL. NO WAY. People who bitch here would abandon it and bitch to the GM directly. AGS would be crazy to put someone through that.


I farm gold everyday! I need it to pay my dang taxes and repair bills :slight_smile:

They don’t have to speak or be seen. They just run invisible and ban bot activity.

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I would like to add a 3rd option.
3. With the numbers so low according to population people always post, the bots make it look like there are more people than actual players. I believe it is around 120k population or lower and I wonder how many of those are bots.