I want a Devs reply!

Trade looks to similar to whispers and prob consul

Group looks too similar to global area is pretty close too

Cov faction is literally identical to help

at a glance its not easy to see what chat is being typed in why cant you just give us the option to change color or atleast make the colors easier to tell apart

@Luxendra @Shadow_Fox @NW_Mugsy @NW_Berserker_Mike @Kay


We should just be able to modify the chat color to our preferences.


yes thats what wow does you have the whole color wheel. i just dont understand why they wanted to make it so similar

Yes. This is the best solution. Do this is very easy for the devs. This is only client change. They only has to do the UI. Clients changes like this are easy.

(Please Devs, adds too a custom fps cap, simply add a bar like in fov)

You should definitely leave this in the PTR feedback thread!

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but it isnt a PTR issue its in the live game only thing in ptr is the trade chat

thanks for seeing the post tho maybe youll get word to the team

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That’s because I completely forgot to make the Feedback thread live. I’m sorry, that’s on me!

And that’s why they asked you to put it in the PTR thread, the PTR is where they can implement a fix and test it.

lol true

Wow , wow whats next u wanna some kind of gear set saving and swapping system ? it is only 2022 , dont think there are such technologies yet

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Sarcasm aside lol, Yes i do want that


Same…each patch i am holding my breath…but ye >.<

with having Heal set, DMG set, all the farming sets, and crafting sets, it’s just a mess

why are the so allergic to pink? wheres the salmon pink trade channel?
The only colour the keep refusing to use lol

It’s not just colors. The whole chat system is terrible…bordering toxic.

It would be nice if we could customize the colors ourselves

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Make custom colors a thing! This is a standard in mmos.

I already left my info in the forums, in the bugs section but was wondering if I can get some info on it. My players name is bd24 on Neno Kuni US West server. When I got up the other day and logged on. My voidbent legguards was missing. I have had put some umbral shards into them also. I had the rest of the gear on to use for tanking in a mutator the night before before I switched my gear to do pvp missions. All the other gear was still in my inventory the day after but those pants. Can anything be done? Those are very costly pants. 12 asmodium wasted now…

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