I want a free server transfer

I understand that launch problems are something to be expected, my issue isn’t with the server sizes or the mass amount of players trying to connect; I completely understand and I’m sure the majority of fair minded players also understand.

My issue is that it is now 3pm and I just queued from 11am until now, rising 3000 or so queue positions to arrive at position 7, which I originally thought was a lucky number of mine (apparently not). For the game to claim there was an ‘error’ joining the queue, despite the fact that I’d just been literally in the f*cking queue for the last 4 hours.

This is not good enough. It makes me feel used, like i’ve just wasted 4 hours of my life that I could’ve spent doing something else on my computer and thats exactly what it is. I’m not going to go on a rant about ‘oh refund!’ or be completely ignorant to the troubles every player is facing right now, but I am not starting again from scratch on a slightly less populated server in an attempt to queue for less time because of a seriously detrimental bug on Amazon’s end.

I waited my time to join and play the game, I anticipated the long queue and mass amount of players on the server also wanting to play, and I cant even play the game despite that.

Not to mention I can’t even contact live support as Amazon literally doesnt allow you to link your steam account to their service; so I’ve been forced to write this post on the forum.

Fix your game breaking bug or transfer my character to a slightly less populated; less likely to bug out server, lmao.


I started queuing again not long after I made this post, queued from almost 4000 all the way down to a few hundred, and the exact same thing has happened again.

I leave my game and hit okay, without hitting play again to resolve the queue error, and it still kicks me out. That is literally an entire day of attempting to play the game to have my time wasted.

I want compensation. I am f*cking fuming.

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