I want refund this game!

i want refund , im just tired all of this. Support me and let amazon see this topic. They should give back money like cyberpunk.


Just quit.

Im pretty sure u played long enough to get your money worth.


Just keep 50 of that 300K gold from this morning.

It’s the best we can do.

No refunds !

Can I have your mats ?

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Congratulation :partying_face:


Why give a refund when this has been one of the most successful launches of any mmo ever? I’ve even saw WOW devs and Pantheon devs come in these forums to post about how amazing this game is and how well the launch has been to the point they are going to mimic NW’s success.

If anything we should donate to the dev’s by all given them $100-500 each.

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Then quit. You proly spent more than 60h in the game since launch which is about twice the time you need to finish an AAA game that you have paid 60 bucks.
I understand your frustration at this time but you got your time’s worth

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Only up to $500? Talk about harsh. $5k minimum surely?

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They won’t, OP. Instead, they’ll delete this post and hope nobody notices it.

You dont get to decide and dictate what others people are worth.
You are no one to say that if you played 60h plus its worth.
One can play 500 hours and still be in a position to ask for a refund. Its his right as a customer.
Giving it back or not is AGS choice, but you are no one to decide that.

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Talk to the retailer where you bought it. The “General Discussion” Forum is absolutely the wrong place.

If you clocked more than 150 hours of game time, I believe you should not get a refund. I would understand if this was a monthly subscription, which its not.

I just got one. I had about 60 or so hours played. I just sent Steam copies of the last few bug announcements that AGS put out…got a full refund in like 15 mins.

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I wouldn’t listen to these people OP. They def don’t have a clue what they are talking about.

Screen shot and send the link for the last few bug announcements. Steam will refund you no questions asked.

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Not every got the gold and yet again another major issue which will destroy the economy if it already hasn’t got hit hard this morning.

But yeah. I don’t see why people should get a refund as I am sure the OP has more than enough hours played to have gotten their monies worth.

yeah, finally someone understand me, thanks.

wrong, and again wrong, i see many of you didnt get the point, is not about how many hours you have played, is about at we have BUYED a thing wich CLAIMS to give certain experiance and good time, WICH IS NOT, if you buy on Amazon a thing wich promise to work all time than you notice this isnt true, so you give that more chance and than more, but at the end the truth is it will NEVER work, you will ask a refound like everyone will, with this game is SAME because WE buyed it, free to play games is different story but this ISNT free to play


cute how he flags everything like a little… xD