I want to buy a hard copy of the lore tomes

As the title suggest, I’d pay money for a hard copy book of the “history of aeternum” that has every Lore Tome in the book in a way that it’s easy to read.

I’d also consume tf out of a web series / animated show with the Aeternum lore. With back stories for important people like artemis.

But also I feel like this game could use a few cut scenes to help tell the story. FFXIV tells their stories very very well. When they talk about a thing that happened in the past you get to see a flash back cut scene.

I really like the art style that the new cut scenes are done in. Give us more of that. Even on the smaller quest. Help me connect and identify with the now living world.

But back to the Lore book. Like fill it with concept art. Because I’d LOVE to read all the lore in a physical way.


I would love a hardcopy, too. That would be awesome!

With updates and additions, it might be tricky. I suppose you could do multiple “editions” as the game grows its lore?

The lore has had some significant changes since the beginning, but it seems to be solidifying now!

Any of your suggestions could work as “hypetrain” style advertising for new content, too.

Great idea,


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The perfect time to release such a book would be after they have completed the 25-60 quest revamp. That could be Vol 1 and they could release subsequent volumes when they add territory’s.

I would also pay for such a book, excelled idea OP

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love this idea !