I want to play but literally cant

I try and enjoy this game every few months but EVERY time i try and play theres a fking 300+ person que that i just dont have time for and i just end up seeing it and i close the game as i just did. AGS has done a good job making a decent game but FFS the inability to actually PLAY the game is ridiculous and thats not even getting to the fucking point you can only have 2 chars (both i have made are 300+ que servers there weren’t originally but they were merged) please please please please please please please do anything about the ques so i can actually even log into your game.

Queue is a direct result of people like you. If everyone didn’t quit then come back all at once then we wouldn’t have this issue. They can’t keep making servers then merging them over and over.

Those who have been playing should get priority over those fair weather players who will most likely quit again.

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300 queue is like 10-15,minutes. If you can’t wait that long and not get all mad I don’t know what to tell you.

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