I want to refund this game

I want my money back. Your company lie about this game. It is trash now. Not playable. Every day is something wrong in the game. Or its offline! Give my money back. Steam not respond. So I have no choice but to deal with it through my bank or the European Court as a final consumer.


steam is doing refunds, give links to the post the devs have posted about game not working right

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How much Hours do u played already? Just for me

some have played over 500 hours

Scroll down, click on the country of origin and start the refund procedure.


I am sure you will get it xd

Have fun never getting a refund for the hours and hours you’ve already dumped into the game. How will you ever financially recover from this?

Yeah this won’t matter at all based on the fact that the product is $40 and you’ve gotten more than your monies worth. EU ain’t gonna do shit to help you get the $40 you spent.

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Here we border on madness, I paid what they asked for the “new world” product now you tell me that it is worth more, so I can resell my key for what in your opinion? 100 1000 10,000
Of course, to say nonsense in this forum you compete

WOW, alguien que usa el cerebro.


That may or may not work. But you can try it.

Won’t happen if you played more than 2 hours
But I believe in miracles so maybe you can prove me wrong. Good luck

Loyalty will pay off, it’s only been a few months… i’m sure any MMO on this scale has had launch issues.

Still doesn’t excuse how they are making this many mistakes and released an unfinished game.
You would think that a company like AGS would have MORE than enough money to pay for proper devs that had experience in the mmo-genre. But nope. They took the greedy route as it seems to me.

You’ve gotten your $ worth out if it stop crying

For those purchased through steam, they can obtain a refund even if the limits set by steam itself have been exceeded …
Thanks amazon games for hiding behind steam without taking your responsibilities directly.
The important thing is that we can get the refund and stop crying as the “Soulcollector” user says.

I’m not crying people here. I’m just tired when I come home from work after 15:00 and the game doesn’t work forever or there’s something wrong. A lot of friends with whom I wanted to play have already shit on it. And I don’t like it either. I was hoping it would finally be my first MMO that I would play for at least a long time. But it doesn’t work because it’s forever buggy, forever offline and full of cheater :frowning: But thank you for your respond to :slight_smile:

guys, whoever’s leaving please give me your good loot and money. I just have some final things I want to do and then I’ll join y’all. But I need money for it, and I can’t be bothered to farm/grind anymore. I’m in Lepus server, contact me here. Thank you very much.

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You’ll not get your money back by posting in the forums. You can request a refund on the platform where you bought the game from.