I was gonna come try it again

I told my friends i would give it a shot when the fresh servers arrived, but now i hear they are being used for a promotional event, with a variable release window, and a head start for certain streamers who participate in the promotion???

The game has a LOT of problems, but i was willing to overlook the majority of the problems as long as there were decent attempts to make it fair. Ever since the first economy dupes and exploits hit i felt like my time was wasted, and the dev response lacked understanding and respect for the players who worked hard to “keep up” with the progression so they could play together. I guess some things never change…

Well I just got back, and im not even going to install the game this time, ive seen enough!

Ya idk if that’s accurate. But what I find funny is nearly all those streamers hardly even play this game lol. All but a few of them will be done with NW after their streaming event ends. Too funny. Anyways good luck, doesn’t sound like you really want to play NW anyways.

You’re completely wrong. The “Returnum to Aternum” server is separate from the “Fresh Start” servers. That is a separate thing going on as a contest between 5 groups of streamers only and nobody else on those servers.


NW News - Return to Aeternum

4 Private servers separate servers specifically for the event. There will be other fresh start servers.

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So what? They bring in more players to the game. It’s a business, this is marketing, they want more players, more sales, and more playtime.

Honestly, I want that too. I’m tired of these weebs saying it’s a “dead game”.


I was only saying this in response to Adiggle8 complaint about select streamers. I have no issue with the event or the streamers. Just implying it’s a lame excuse considering nearly all those streamers are not devoted NW players.

@Prasinos333 Also I’ll be watching the event while playing NW :slight_smile: So I certainly have no issue with it and appreciate it for what it is.

True, I didn’t see Katcontii or YaBoiWilly, perhaps they declined?

I was surprised as well. Especially considering they’re far more active and better. :slight_smile:

You heard completely wrong.

There will be no head starts for the streamers or invitees to the event. These servers will have people on them only for the promo. Fresh Start servers will launch to the public empty.

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Thanks for the info.

Kat’s going to be there, on Bald and Beautiful, I have her stream up now

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Yeah, and I just heard from YaBoiWilly that he’d be there too. Glad they were able to get in and receive some recognition.


@Hiply @Prasinos333 That’s great news!

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I honestly didn’t know who to believe until i read it from the new FAQ post today. Sounds like they are trying to avoid the streamer server by keeping them private until after the event? That way, no one knows which of the non-streamer servers will be dead until its much too late. Which could be good, or could backfire worse than the original launch.

I just wish we had more info about the specific release time of streamer servers, and not a contest/promotional event. But that’s just my preference, i know amazon has stockholders who have their own.

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