I wish i could farm Orichalcum and T4 and T5 wood

I’m still expecting a change to the spawn time of some resources, because i simply can’t farm those resources because when i get to the place it’s never there.

I’m pretty sure decreasing the spawn isn’t such a big deal, so why the wait ? I just wanna farm my stuff, i get that there is competition, but even when im playing in a less populated hour it’s not there either, the only way im getting a few ironwood is through armor, weapon, and jewelry fragments.

I don’t wanna have to buy every single time i need the resource, mostly because paying 2.5g for a single ironwood doesn’t make sense.

I usually buy when im feeling lazy, but even when i wanna farm there isn’t a sing node or tree to gather.

Please do something about it and do it quick.

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