I wish I could skinned vanilla items too

I love the sorcerer hunter coat.
The runes engraved on the leather cloak are simply stunning to look at with these stunning designs.
I want to use an attractive coat that suits both men and women forever as a character costume.
You probably have your own items that are highly praised by many players.
It’s good to sell special skins.
But,I don’t think there are any skins that fit the worldview of the new world right now.
Viking costumes from hundreds of years ago?
Strange heavy armor from Japanese animation?
I looked at the art book of Shinsegae.
Beautiful costumes abound.
This is a very personal opinion.
I honestly don’t know if there is a stylish skin suitable for the new world like the vanilla item.
So I want to be able to extract skins from vanilla items as well.

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