I Wish I Was an AGS Dev

They cant remove all the duped items/coins since they will have to ban innocent players too and even take away the mats they bought or coins received for free without any knowledge. They can’t do this and they never did. It doesn’t say “duped” when they sell mats or coins. All traces are already deleted. Lets be realistic.

They can and they have in the past. They will remove any duplicated items that they find.

That is false. They’ve literally done it in the past.

You don’t know… all i know is they are known for eating their words and lying against us. Its technically not possible to do what you say. It will result in false bans and people lose mats and coins if they bought/received mats/coins from any duper. its technically not possible to refund and undo transactions

I do. They’ve literally done it in the past. This has all happened before.

… what? How is not technically possible? Every single thing is logged. They know who did what.

False bans, unlikely. People could lose mats or gold, yeah, that’s a good thing. If materials or gold was duplicated it should be removed from the economy regardless of how it was acquired.

Example, someone with ‘duped’ gold/items give them away or trade with another person, that person sells a part of it to another person in return for mats and so on… another one sells to 10 persons in TP… there is no way exchanges/refunds will happen regardless of how the duped items are ontained. And banning will most likely not happen, as no one can ever suspect its duped items/gold they received. As for dupes in the past, its not even possible by AI or manually review over 1000+ transactions of different kind etc. AGS only talks about fixing the dupe/exploit, not removing all duped gold/items. I know its logged, but not every rawhide has a unique ID… they are not transparant in their communication so you cant be sure they removed all dupes. Like what about all duped mats that were used to craft up skills? How u gonna revert that? How u gonna take duped gold/items back that are vanished or spend on items/gold that are vanished or used for activities… people use it for crafting and there is no way you can keep tracking etc etc

Same, wouldn’t sleep on the bot bans. Give me access

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I’m not going to continue arguing about this. They’ve done this in the past.

This is objectively false. They are literally delaying opening the TP until this is done. Good luck man.

They are delaying until the exploit is fixed. It takes time to find the cause and not make it happen again. They said they disabled TP to prevent further abuse. Nothing more as far as i know…

That’s false. Please read the update.

Where does it say they removed all the items and gold coming from exploits? I am curious how they gonna do that if they dont have the duped stuff anymore and if they even will permanent ban all accounts involved. Since it took a while until this exploit triggered TP disable. I was more talking about dupes earlier last year.

Ha! SAVING THROW!!! :game_die: :game_die:

That’s actually a constructive idea. I hope someone that can bring this to the dev team sees this.

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You are absolutely right sir. I’m not a DEV and have no idea about coding(at least not much). But I’ve worked in Customer Service for more than 10 years and have/had my own businesses too. And indeed they do NOTHING for their customers when things go to sh1tt.

The easy thing and LEAST they could do is make an NPC to spawn in every town for free daily Potions, Cartidges etc, so people can actually play the game… my Company Leader yesterday logged in, he had no pots, no bullets etc, so not only he couldn’t buy, rest of us could NOT EVEN HELP HIM and give him some… so he left, probably went to another game…
Now GUESS what will happen tomorrow when he logs in again and see nothing fixed, no compensation and NO WAY TO PLAY THE BLOODY GAME? well, he will not be back for months if EVER… and that guy I’m afraid is one of the MANY…
so AGS decision making is so so so so terrible.


I honestly don’t think I noticed at all that it’s down. I’m still running dungeons and participating in content. I know it does have an impact for some and it’s not ideal, but most people would rather this than having these things run rampant.

Exploits exist but what is just important is less about whether or not they occur and more about what they do about them. I think there last exploit was detected very early with their internal alarms and fixed within 16 hours? Players were banned.

This is likely more complicated and honestly most people prefer they are safe about it. Thankfully you don’t need arrows to participate in content anymore. You can craft them if you want and if you are doing OPR or other content, then you have unlimited high tier ammo anyways. Again it’s not ideal but I’d rather they just promptly fix it and we can move on with it.

They are really doing an amazing job compared to the past. They can always continue to improve but this is a significant improvement.

FSS have been “ruined” and “tainted” sure if that’s what people want to can it, but that was expected anyways. This is an MMO and people had unrealistic expectations. I think we already planned on those people leaving because they were impossible to retain anyways. Hopefully we kept some people that returned and enjoy where the game is now and where it’s going as they move into the main servers over time.

Fantastic idea! Unfortunately, as its always been apparent, this post wont get any attention from AGS. Especially if you’ve played this games for thousands of hours….

They’d rather interview streamers for the hype and answer troll questions than pay attention to the core community. Need proof? Wait till this thread closes with no AGS reply.

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This started off as a guy with good suggestions. Lmao.

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If they change their engine maybe they can do everything perfectly … u know creating a game engine And doing ur game on it its hard cause theres many complicated things happened behined the monitors … look at great games like ashes or bdo they now remake the games with ue5 and quixel and if u played them u know their companies policy … the 1st thing they need to optimized every singel thing cause the game is masterpiece tbh after that they need to rempve the servers and add channels wich is best idea cause the game depend on tp so many resources , balances golds = ogs and ffs will be happy … maybe many of u agree with me but ags will not cause its “wasted money”

  • I am not a dev

  • I am just a random, halfway loyal player since Sep. 2021 with three Level 60 Chars

  • I am more a lurk in communities

BUT…holy flak, I’ve never experienced something like that before with any other game. Always when I am getting hyped for NW again, it just throws me back down after some weeks. And to be honest, I am not even talking about that TP problem.
And yes, I noticed this as well over a period, that they just give an F on compensating things they screw up. I don’t expect…ugh…whatever. This kind of little compensations is something that I actually know from 99 % of all the other games that I was playing. Please don’t argue with
“seems like you didn’t play that many games”. I did, but maybe I’ve been just lucky.

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Literally every other game I have played in recent memory compensates the players when things get messed up. Some way too much IMO. A few games I play, people actually get a little excited instead of mad when the game goes down, because they know we are getting hooked up when they fix it and the game comes back up. That’s the reaction you want, not everyone pissed off because something breaks yet again.

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