I would like a server where you can only play in PVP mode

There’s absolutely a lot of idiotic ideas floating about, but I don’t let those conflate with thoughtful design.

To me, a healer’s role, especially given how Life Staff is currently designed, is largely to compensate for the poor performance of other players. Most damage is avoidable and so most players should not be taking substantial hits that require heavy healing. I think a healer oriented strategy can be entirely viable; Everyone wearing heavy armor to mitigate damage means they’re not wasting time interacting with attacks and can brute force the boss down, with the healer there to keep people up. I also think a Tank/DPS centric strategy should be fine with DPS that build in light and actively avoid damage so that the healer really only needs to worry about the tank, because the DPS will probably be one-shot anyways and if they aren’t they can heal themselves with pots.

While I often condemn New World for being too shallow, the silver lining is that the content is easy enough that many different strategies can work. You want two healers in a group? Go for it! Four tanks and one healer? Absolutely, go crazy!

I do think Life Staff is in a bad place design-wise. It’s definitely one of the most polarizing weapons in combat and it has it’s own unique targeting system and very little identity outside of healbot since all the abilities are roughly the same in nature. It’s nearly mandatory for PvE because PvE is largely designed around it specifically. I cannot express how bad that is from a design standpoint. No one worries about hatchet or musket or warhammer or even sword when designing a boss encounter.

I don’t think healing should be removed from the game, I just don’t think it should be more important than any other weapon.

To be fair here, that’s only true if you believe the Trinity system is a bad design. :slight_smile:

But…let’s talk about Tanks too. :wink:

Happy too! I know you’re a tank aficionado and the lady is a healer, and as I’ve said:

Notice how neither of those makes any mention of DPS? I think there should absolutely be a place for every playstyle to enjoy the game how they like to.

No one would be happy if the devs decided every boss fight required a musket. People would say that’s stupid and completely destroys the idea of a free weapon system. Change musket to life staff though and suddenly everyone is ok with it because that’s what other MMOs do.

I think the trinity can exist and be a powerful tool without being rammed down peoples’ throats as a must.

I think you missed this :wink:

I hope we can agree that once a PvP server went live the requests would be constant for replacing taunt abilities and many other changes on that side of the tree. :slight_smile:

I don’t know, people already want SnS nerfed because of its combo potential.

But as for tanks being not needed in PvP. I agree, but I think that’s because no one should be needed in PvP. I think different builds should reflect different styles that people enjoy playing, and that they should have the tools available to thrive in their own style. In the fighting game community we refer to this with terms like “skill expression” and “emergent gameplay”.

I want you to be able to play a successful tank in both PvP and PvE, and I want the same for people who prefer support roles. I think we get there by getting PvP relatively close first and tuning PvE to that balanced state. It doesn’t need to be perfect but it also shouldn’t be as disparate as throwing throwing tree hatchet vs IG.

I’ve yet to see an MMO balance PvP first and tune the PvE to that balance, which is a shame because MUDs had this figured out decades ago.

And therefore there will be demands for the tanking tree to be overhauled for any pure PvP server environments. And frankly it would be a completely reasonable ask…an ask that would further fork the two versions.


I mean, yes, people will ask for things. People will always ask for things, but there’s absolutely nothing wrong with the current tanking tree from a PvP standpoint.

EDIT: Other than, isn’t part of the Blunderbuss combo.* But that’s just shallow “meta” thinking.

I think I disagree. Other than “Well, I’m a tank, I have Defiant trained and don’t feel like changing my build” how many S&S users would ever actually use Defiant? Sure, periodically you can live another 10 seconds standing point…maybe. But realistically?

Bottom line here, Amigo: I would cheerfully support a request for PvP servers where it clearly spelled out in advance that the only change would be “FLAGGED=YES” being made universal except the usual sanctuaries and I would be opposed to a change that required additional forks.

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There should be one PvP server in each region and make it the ONLY place you can OWPVP. No character transfers allowed out of it.
This would concentrate PvP action and increase the likelihood of PvP encounters in the open world. Currently they are such a useless minority in every server that they need to beg on the forums for action.

NO access to OPR or Arenas or other instanced PvP content unless you are in the PvP server. This removes all fake-PvPers who just show up to bot, AFK, win-trade, or loss-farm for rewards.

And by removing OWPVP in all other servers, it will reduce overall toxicity in all servers.

Better PvP by completely separating player influence over Settlements - Game Feedback / Game Feedback - New World Forums

I’d support that too. Not that they listen to me around here anyways :wink:


I think they need to add cross-server functionality first (for any instanced content) that way PvPers get what they want (I want this too) and the shrinking playerbase isn’t segmented in a significant way.

Yet they have removed all pvp servers and don’t exist anymore. Not sure if their Classic ones have it though.

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So on the rest of the servers there would be no wars, no fort takes, no territory flips through PvP influence? no thanks

HIghly successful games that have been running 10+ years do not have this server-wrecking feature. So yes, delete OWPVP and player-influence over settlements in non-PvP servers.

Super-companies are going to kill what’s left of the game - General Discussion / General Discussion - New World Forums

So a whole different game that isn’t New World - got it.

So because you want WPVP in one server all others servers don’t have the choice to flag or not ? Make no senses and all this topic make no sense. There is ALREADY servers on each region with competitive pvp, just ask around you. I think you undervalue gatherers and everyone who keep the ressources flowing on the market for cheap price. PvPers don’t care about ori or anything, they won’t flag and go farm ori they just buy on TP. Not the first topic about this , probably not the last but my response will stay the same : No.

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I’d come back to this game in a heart beat if all-pvp was a thing BUT with FRIENDLY FIRE so there can be no such thing as a ZERG fest so coordinated teams can matter against it.

My ears are burning.

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Yes they work so well that most of them have only one faction and the other faction moves to a server that dominates with their own faction. They only currently exist at all on classic. They were removed from the normal game in favor of war mode option which is essentially the same as tuning on and off your flag in NW.

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