I would love for the bow's full draw (when the attack changes from light to heavy) to have an audio + visual cue

Right now, you don’t get the damage bonus from a heavy attack until the bow has been fully drawn (your character stops pulling back on the bowstring) which makes sense. However, there is no feedback to let you know when this happens other than your character stops pulling back. This is way too subtle to be able to pay attention to / notice during combat.

The arrow starts to glow as soon as you start charging the attack, but maybe it shouldn’t start to glow until the bow has been fully charged? Or maybe the colour of the glow should change colour once fully charged? I would also love a (subtle) audio cue for when this happens as well.

Thanks for the great game!

Also, here’s an example of how it currently looks (and showing that the damage bonus doesn’t get added until full draw): Gif Your Game


Good point. I agree. I know I was charging much longer than needed.

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