I would rather not see my enemy's life than play at Heavy Armor Meta


The experience is worst when everyone is using Heavy Armor.

And it’s not “a little bit worse”. It’s like… Maybe FF pvp is better?

I prefer running light. I have ran heavy and It is def a world of difference. Dodge iframes are exact same across all 3 weight categories. Roll just carries you further. But if you get hit say goodbye to a good 40% of your hp. Could just wear heavy and only lose 10% lmao, still have a iframe with heavy dodge. And even with heavy’s lack of mobility, since stagger isnt in the game, it’s still stupid easy to just run away from a fight lmao.

Tack on resilient reducing all dmg, and then onyx’s also reducing all dmg (not just physical). Outside of being stubborn (like me) there is no reason to not run heavy right now for almost everything.

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iframes don’t matter in 50v50 zerg fest.

Yea… I’ll rerroll healer and soon everyone will be a heavy healer ultimate tank mob

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