ICE event No Ice Gauntlet Buff

Hello guys, here I come again to discuss with you the recent PTR announcement. It seems there are a lot of good changes, trade skill is interesting but I’m skeptical about Armour gs value. However AGS devs told us they heard our million feedback of the last PTR about Ice Gauntlet and Firestaff but still NO CHANGES AT ALL!

Mage in pvp. What a Joke, my beautiful people, what a beautiful and perfect move would have been if they were to change Ice Gauntlet for the ICE cave - Winter event, or change some FIRESTAFF ability burn dmg aswell.

I share again 2 clips that show you the current situation for Mages in pvp which is the worst ever since launch. Simply out of GA/WH - Musquets - Healer meta. Only them are really playable.
No GA nerf btw. Armour change in PTR: just imagine a full voidbent or 600gs heavy running at you with GA/WH. Jesus…


Clip 45 sec:

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