Ice gauntlet AOE despawning when switching weapon

Every other AOE of the game stay in place once casted, even with a weapon switch, BUT NOT THE ICE AOE of the ice gauntlet, it just stop when switching weapon. (it do so for some players, while some others can indeed have it casted and switch weapons …)


happened to me too recently, seems to happen randomly, need a fix !

++++++++ for changing this logic! This is why i stopped to use ice gauntlet at 7weapon lvl

Does it cast any kind of buff on you? If you switch weapons anything that’s giving you a buff will disappear, like going into berserk mode and switching to Warhammer

Check to see if either of your weapons have the “Unending Thaw” perk and make sure you’re not using the last ability under Ice Storm “Punishing Storm”. My Ice Gauntlet works properly after removing the Punishing Storm ability.

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still a bug, heal AOE even with buff, dont disapear, need fix ASAP

It is indeed, was just trying to provide a temporary fix in the mean time.

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this one is extremely annoying… I don’t have any other ice gauntlet to use left :frowning:



Cool weapon has all kinda weird bugs like skills not scaling with gem damage and just does the base int damage…

Disappearing storm because you have perk or passive

Also 1 tic bug when the storm just hits once per cast

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