Ice Gauntlet bugged abilities

Character Name: Korvin Drellum
Server/World: Apis (EU Central)
The upgrade “Punishing Storm” for “Ice Storm” causes the ability to end prematurely when you swap weapons.
The upgrade “Quick Shower” for “Ice Shower” only applies the first time you walk through it subsequent times will have the buff apply and remove itself instantly.
“Ice Shower” feels inconsitant for example it will stop a player currently using the “Charge” skill for Great Axe however if they are stuck in the “Ice Shower” they can charge out of it whilst still rooted. There also seems to be some detection issues for when the ability is cast directly on top of a player needing them to leave and then re-enter the spell for the effects to apply.

These bugs are easily repeatable and make pvp with the Ice Gauntlet frustrating as your abilites do not function as intended and can cause you to lose fights.

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