Ice gauntlet busted after patch!

New World 2021 10 28 04 39 39 - YouTube

attached video, When casting ice storm now, any dodge roll, auto attack, ability cast completely cancels damage of ice storm. tested 50x , unequipped weapon, changed weapon, used all weapon cool downs, fixed for one combo, went back to being the same.


Tested and confirmed. This bug severely cripples IG viability and needs to be fixed ASAP.

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Can also confirm that “Root in Place” if mob is hit with a heavy attack in storm does not work “most” of the time. Can sometimes do it once, but never twice.
(Starting to think they want me to run pylons and glacial LOL)

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Stops Doing Damage Completely
Damage to 2/3 of the Enemies
Damage to Both, Damage to Neither, Then Back to Damage to One
No Action, Damage Stops
Named Enemy One Tick

I’ve heard the last one has been around for a few patches, but the other clips seem to indicate a problem with the most recent patch. Very disappointing, as this basically ruins the build.

They also broke Firestaffs incinerate double proc ground attack, im rarely even getting one proc off now.


Confirmed and incredibly disappointing. This is a major issue.

Amazing this isn’t address in the downtime right now. One of the weapons is completely useless and this is ignored. Keep in mind, this isn’t just Ice storm, the same is true of Ice Shower. The entire weapon is based on freezing/frostbite affects and you don’t get any. It’s completely useless.


Ice Storm doesn’t work at all after switching from Tier III to Tier IV Gauntlet.

Please fix!

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It’s absolutely ridiculous that they prioritised fixing big sausage over this.

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