Ice Gauntlet feedback after 500+ hrs of play

Some of this feedback is probably applicable to other weapons, in particular other ‘Magic’ weapons.
This is based on my experience having played IG extensively through closed/open betas and live the last month and some. Mostly in PvE but some PvP also.

Basic Attacks
The projectile is plain clunky. Animation is slow, projectile is slow, its hard to hit when mobs jerk around like they do, or in pvp when players are actively dodging. even with hundreds of hours practice, its easy to miss (and waste mana). There is one synergy they have with spells from Heavy Freeze perk (which is nerfed on PTR) but otherwise basic attacks are just awful.
When I compare the basic attack experience from IG to melee weapons like hatchet or sword, the later has fluid movement, is easy to hit with and has a sizeable AOE effect. If you do get into melee range your basic attack is next to impossible to hit. at that range the projectile often fires out the back of the mob off into a random direction.
Things you can do to improve IG basic attacks:

  • Improve the responsiveness of the IG basic attacks, faster animation, projectile speed.
  • Give them more synergies or effects
  • Give them a small AoE splash damage or effect on impact

Ice Tempest Tree
Wind Chill
As a channel skill it is too easily interruptible and awkward to aim. The small damage boost you have given it on PTR will not be enough. you have to practically be in melee range to hit with it yet it normally does far less damage than a melee weapon just using its basic attack. A melee basic even hits more enemies than this spell does.
You should make it easier to hit to compensate for the risk of interruption and the focus cost of not being able to use other skills for the duration. Make it a broad cone effect, with a similar width at 7 meters to Ice Storm.

Ice Spike
I have used this skill the least, So I don’t feel qualified to comment much on it. The reason I don’t use it is the punishing nature of a skill shot that often does less damage than your basic attack if you don’t hit it in the perfect circumstances.

Ice Storm
This skill is actually good, when it works. Its easy to dodge out of in pvp with a very low snare, but punishes if you don’t move. Most of the bugs with passives and gear perks appear to be squashed on PTR from my limited testing so good work.

Builder Tree
Ice Shower
Almost pure utility, which currently does a decent job of CC in pve situations like Invasions. As an interruptible spell with a slow animation and obvious visual however it was not that strong in pvp, with effective players countering or avoiding it all together.
The root is only 1 second, only stops movement not skill usage and compounding with the nerf to Heavy Frost and increasing the cooldown from 20 to 30 seconds will hurt this skill significantly as a reliable CC skill.
Compare this to Hammer’s Clear Out which has also AoE CC’s and buffs friendlies. CO has a 15 second cooldown and also deals damage. I don’t understand the thinking that led to a 50% increase on the already lengthy cooldown and I expect a number of players to respec out to a damage skill if that change goes live.

Ice Pylon
Nice gimick, but not very impactful. Potentially the equivalent of a passive DPS boost, but since the pylon cant be targeted and does not fire fast or hit hard its mostly useless damage.
If you want it to be an area denial tool then give it a flamethrower style effect, close range but rapid fire and with a debuff like stamina drain to deter melee from getting close. If you want it to be a long ranged DPS tool then it needs to hit harder and be more focused, like aiming for the last thing you hit rather than any random thing. right now it does not have a useful function.

Great defensive skill and packs a decent punch when used offensively. Cooldown feels appropriate for a potentially life saving skill like this. Only feedback is that it is not responsive and it glitches sometimes with the ice still appearing after you cancel it.

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