Ice Gauntlet heavy attack rate feels clunky

It feels incredibly slow compared to other weapons which leaves it massively vulnerable to counter-attacks, I don’t believe any other weapon is as slow. It also causes a lot of failed attacks due to the “reload” time in between attacks. It just feels really clunky.

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They nerfed it as it was hitting too hard to fast, I find it too difficult to track the projectiles to actually hit a player :confused: they act weird some times

This is why I’ve been going back to Fire Staff with my rapier because IG autos suck. IG also feels clunkier when trying to switch and I end up dying way more.

IG heavy attack is in an extremely garbage state right now.

It’s offsetting the incredible AOE CC abilities ice gauntlets provide. Ice Storm + Ice Shower with heavy attacks can kill practically anyone while rooting them in place. Put that in OPR where players have to swarm doorways. Another build focuses on Ice Spike doing upwards of 12k damage.

Ice curtain the guy need to walk into it or it needs to be cast upon you

  1. ice curtain 1-second cc
  2. heavy attack takes longer than 1 second to cast therefore you need a perk to even make the heavy attack freeze viable
  3. Ice spike is pretty strong, yes but it’s the only skill that provides a kill window for ice mages, also getting it to hit correctly every time takes some skill.

Orignal point - Heavy freeze shouldn’t require a perk to be viable. Look at any other cc in the game and tell me one that does require a perk to be viable.

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