Ice Gauntlet - Ice Pylon (Won't Come Off Cooldown) Bug - Major Issue!

Having the same issue as all of the above. Pylon is bugged and you have to die and respawn or relog to fix it.

Same here. Tried relogging etc. Still wont work.

I am having this problem as well its insanely annoying it happens to me multiple times a day my ice pylon goes on cooldown and never comes off of cooldown until i relog. (I haven’t tried dying hoperfully that will work) This is a serious bug that needs to be addressed immediately. Happens far too frequently.
Edit: Apparently relogging too quickly the bug will still be there thats great.

I don’t have the perk and it happened to me

I don’t see this fix mentioned in the patch notes. Yikes. It happens to me at leats once a play session and it doesn’t go away until I completely relog.

Just came here to +1
Icon is currently greyed out, no number showing how long it would be on cooldown.
Can’t change gear or use pylon again.Permanent Cooldown


Carcosa EU server. Having the same bug, as a main ice gauntlet user, this is a game-breaking bug for me. I died many times due to this bug ( was mauled by enemies while waiting for the bug to fix itself ).
When the ice pylon is cast, whether it is expired or destroyed, the skill icon will be greyed out thus unable to recast it or unequip this weapon, the skill will be set on 10 seconds ( default cd ) cooldown after a random amount of time. This bug occurs randomly, but frequently.

I’d also like to report this issue. Trying to main the ice gauntlet, but this bug makes that challenging.

I’m also getting this bug.

This is marked as solved, yet it is not solved.

This happens constantly and is not related to Pylon Refresh as I don’t have it unlocked.

I currently have this same issue. I can’t remove the ice gauntlet because pylon is forever on cooldown. I can’t respec or do anything else for the same reason.

this is still a major issue as i have had this occur multiple times today. this is the first time ive run into this bug but its a huge problem now all the sudden. stuck in cool down with ice pylon. cant do anything and only way to correct was to die.
this needs to be fixed asap!

so i just discovered even after dying and changing weapons, that it even keeps the new weapon skill on cool down in the same place. this is a larger issue than previously though. as the cool down bug now progresses to a changed weapon also.
this is a game breaking bug…

(day after) EDIT: this morning i did a file integrity check on STEAM. upon logging back into game i made sure i did NOT have ice gauntlet equipped and everything was back to normal. been playing for a bout an hour with no issues. i did NOT re-equip the ice gauntlet

Also having this issue, please fix it asap.

+1, this is still broken. Why can’t they get this fixed?

Lmfao. Love how they marked dying and respawning as the “solution” instead of fixing the issue.

This is still an issue and a quite annoying one…

This just happened to me again.

/Me too

Gee how fun not only does it gimp and lock down my character it costs me in game resources - gold and repair points - to fix.

Hopefully will be addressed soon.

20 days… still an issue. Also just encountered it for the first time. Relogging needs to force a refresh on cooldowns at a minimum, but of course doesn’t for this one instance. I guess I’ll go die and see if that at least temporarily fixes it as has been suggested.

Had this same issue today
Reloading game did not work.
Confirmed that suiciding and respawning did fix it.