Ice Gauntlet, Ice Storm Talent bug

Is it normal that when you take the last Perk for Ice Storm ‘Punishing Storm’
you are unable to Swap weapons while Ice storm is up without it dissapearing. If you only take the 2 Talents, you can swap weapons and the Ice Storm is still active… Is that Intended? as its been like that awhile now, and no mentions of it and no bug fix yet

It’s basically like that with all tallents. I’m not sure if it’s intended, but if you swap from a weapon that has that skill, it magically just vanishes. It makes little sense, such as losing berserk cause you swapped your hatchet.

Its just when you dont take the Last talent, you can swap no probs, you take the last talent, then you can not. which is very werid

Ground AOEs don’t disappear on weapon swap, except for Ice Storm, and only if you take that last perk for it. Seems like a bug to me.

it’s a ninja nerf, btw

I seem to have an issue where ice storm don’t even work at all anymore. I am questing solo with no one around me cast ice storm and no damage and no slow effect, just a waste of mana. I have tried this on a variety of targets, and logged out and in still it just seems to be broken. It will work from time to time but even then it seems very diminished.

Anyone else having this kind of issue?

Yeah, apparently ice storm doesn’t work mini boss leveled ‘silver’ mobs or higher. Any creature that has that icon in its name I just avoid, makes no sense.

Okay thanks, I guess I will repec out of it for now.

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