Ice Gauntlet perk "Refreshing Frost" two similar bugs

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Bug #1: Ice Gauntlet perk “Refreshing Frost” not working with Ice Storm + Entombed.

Bug #2: Ice Gauntlet ability Ice Shower is not creating a frosted area which enables the expected cooldown reduction after casting any secondary ability with the “Refreshing Frost” weapon perk.

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As I’m doing more and more OPR this impacts my ability to make calculating plays and limiting my options.

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Emotionally, no.

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Bug #1 & 2:

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For bug #1:
Equip Ice Gauntlet.
Have the “Refreshing Frost” weapon perk leveled up.
Have Ice Storm and Entombed ability leveled up.
Cast Ice Storm over own player.
Cast Entombed.
Either detonate Entombed (Left mouse button) for damage or cancel (Right mouse button) to preserve mana. (Both will have same results)
Inspect the remaining cooldown in the UI where Entombed icon is located.

Bug #2:
Equip Ice Gauntlet.
Have the “Refreshing Frost” weapon perk leveled up.
Have Ice Wall and any other Ice Gauntlet ability leveled up.
Cast Ice Wall.
Move player into Ice Wall.
Cast any other Ice Gauntlet ability.
Inspect the remaining cooldown in the bottom right ability UI section.

After testing bug #2 a little bit further, in order to gain the expected cooldown reduction, the player has to FULLY cross past the ice wall and then cast an ability to get the 20% cooldown from Refreshing Frost.
But standing directly on top of the ice wall will not give the expected cooldown.
Seems inconsistent at times.

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