Ice Gauntlet - 'Punishing Storm' perk is bugged and causing increased damage on everything including spells and your other weapon Bug

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    Punishing storm doing scaled damage per person inside on storm with all weapons not just the ice gauntlet.Video attached below
    Imgur: The magic of the Internet

You can one shot entire groups just by yourself.

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Was looking for a report here to confirm after seeing the reddit post.

Slapped on an Ice Gauntlet, grabbed a random Great Axe out of storage with no gem, put 238 points into str, left int at 5, and was able to drop nearly 5k/hit Maelstroms on clumps of NPCs.

This needs to be fixed right away, now I know why there are GA/IG users running in our wars, they’re exploiting this bug, make this post viral so dev can see it.

Yup. This thread on reddit is going viral with tons of witnesses, this needs to be adressed fast, it’s the hatchet bug enhanced, and can easily turn wars, OPR, elite zones and soon mutations if not taken care of.

Please , AGS. We’re loosing players everyday in our companies. This is a major issue and can be easily solved.

Help us keep interest in this game , we love it as hard as we can, but it’s harder everyday :’(

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Honestly I don’t believe it makes much difference

Other weapons are far stronger than ice gauntlet with their 4 moves that all do damage

Ice gauntlet has one move that does damage ice spike so it needs buffing it needs more damage to win a fight


Nice troll post.

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