Ice gauntlet war exploit

Our faction recently lost a war due to the Syndicate faction abusing an ice gauntlet exploit to crash players games. 10 players games crashed as well as 4 players becoming permanently dead and unable to be revived. Other similar threads have been made such as War ice gauntlet desync abuse and Ice gauntlet exploit in war on Xibalba
Meaning this is a repeatable issue being abused by some players. The players abusing it were also known to mass report before war in the past as well.

Vod of a player not crashed, but you can see how much lag and desync is happening.
Twitch 01:39:00 - 01:45:00.

This has not happened in any previous wars, and we have successfully defended MULTIPLE territories against Syndicate as well as won a legit attack war against them. Something needs to be done about this, because they are planning on continuing to abuse this during the next war(s).


Hi there @prap

I see that this issue has to do with an exploit being made ingame to disconnect players. Could you please post this same issue on this board so the dev team can look into it :slight_smile: