Ice Gauntlet won't come off cooldown

Used the “Ice Pylon” skill once, couldn’t use it again, can’t unequip the gauntlet as it says it has a skill still on cooldown. Logging out didn’t fix the issue.

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Hi @Lens. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Just for clarification, is it displaying a specific skill on cooldown? If you could provide a screenshot, that would be super helpful as well.

I cant provide a screen shot at the moment (Aussie Server Queue time 60+ mins)

But i have also had this bug several times… not sure what causes it but the Ability just gets locked out completely cant use it at all… doesnt come off cooldown either.

I had this too. Same skill. Cast Ice Pylon it fired off a few shots, killed the mob I was attacking and then I cast a heavy/light (can’t remember which lol) at the pylon to remove it (found this works) and the model disappeared from in game but the icon was still greyed out like it was still in existence. Only happened once, the rest of the time me doing this process worked fine.

Thank you @LjMjollnir and @Dilvid for sharing your experiences with this. I’ll make sure to let the game team know about the cooldown issue with Ice Pylon so they can investigate.