Ice Pylon Cooldown Bug IS BACK

How the fuck is this possible? Are you guys even trying? It was working for less than half a day before you broke it again.

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Some information about what is happening please ….

It is a super well known bug which I will explain and probably why he didn’t elaborate. Occassionally when you cast Ice Pylon it goes into perma cool down and you will not be able to cast it ever again and the only fix is completly logging out of the game. Kinda a big deal and it was as OP stated fixed for like a day.

Ok thank you for the info on this and i have experienced this myself. Very frustrating. Appreciated

As the poster said above.

This bug being recurring shows that a) The code, or parts of the code for the game, is spaghetti, coded in a way that makes it hard to make changes to it, due to it being a jumbled mess where the devs have to play whack-a-mole to provide a bug-free experience. And/or b) The QA/testing is absolutely minimal to non-existant.

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