Ice Pylon Pick Up

I think Ice Pylon should be able to be picked up once done with it before it goes on CD.

It would make it more viable for PvE and PvP. Of course picking it up should automatically put it on CD.

It should just have 1 cd, and the perk should give 2 charges.

Hi, Folks, Thanks for sharing your thoughts on how Ice Pylon can be improved. I will be sure to share these with the dev team.

I main Pylon and this sounds like a terrible idea. I would not want to go fetch it, let is just expire and cast a new one or allow a remote cancel, but in no way would I want to go fetch it.

By pick it up I meant exactly what you said. Cancel it and put it on cool down, but not have to wait until natural expiration.

You’re insane.

Oh, I thought you wanted us to look for the damn thing and literal fetch it. Imagine trying to find your pylon amongst others, would be terrible.