Ice Shower STILL a problem2

as title suggests. anything that has a root in it is fucking your game up and causing movement bugs. I was slammed into sol earlier today by a grav well. the movement feels like its an alpha game, you guys really should do something about it.

So when we getting out of alpha?

honestly 90% of the roots and staggers and stuns should be removed. Give maybe one hard stun to a few weapons and thats it. Having 2-3 stuns/weapons is ridiculous.

Sounds good but need dodge spam and stamina regen to be reduced significantly to compensate.

Im okay with that, also make melee swing to consume stamina to make lmb spammers gone. I mean they wanted a dark souls type of pvp, and the most essential part of the dark souls pvp is the stamina magamenent.

If you do that you have to do it for all weapons.

ig root hasnt been an issue back in september, october, november or december.

dont know how they fk this up now…

well, we all saw the patch noted from march update, they don’t care at all about pvp, they care only about main quest (useless) and new players (useless too)

ice shower is the absolute same since launch we all already lost all hope in devs and CMs

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