Ice Spike Triple & Quad Hits

  • What is your character name in New World: Revan619
  • What server/world did you experience your issue on: Midgard
  • Describe the issue you are experiencing: When using the ice spike ability you can hit with the trial, the spike and the two side attacks doing ridiculous damage
  • Is this a bug or an exploit: exploit
  • (if a bug) How did the issue effect your gameplay: Using ice spike allows for far too much damage
  • What are the steps to reproduce the issue as you experienced: When aiming ice spike you aim down to to the right of the target then lmb as the trail hits, if positioned correctly it is consistent to triple and quad hit for absurd damage. If fire staff had double hit removed why does this have a quad?
    How to Icespike | New World Mage Guide - YouTube

@Centeotl can we get an acknowledgement of this one?

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All the ice gauntlet users are using this now, because of how broken it is. Since day one, the amount of bugs from a single weapon is disappointing.

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That’s how it’s supposed to work

No one is getting those numbers man. The dummies have no defenses…they also dont move.

This isn’t an exploit. This is EXACTLY how the ability is supposed to work. You even pointed out every single proc of damage and where it comes from. The trail, the spike, and the 2 projectiles.

So why was fire staff nerfed?

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for balance? im not entirely sure why youre asking this question as it has no relevance to your post. Youre claiming the ice spike ability work as intended is an “exploit”. If youre referring to “pillar of fire” hitting twice and being changed to only hitting once, that is because the ability WASNT meant to hit twice

It also doesn’t say anywhere on ice spike that its ment to all hit the same target either.Reading the skill it seems like it was just ment to be an AoE thing…fitting in line with the rest of IG.I seriously doubt they intended IG to have some of the best CC and probably the hardest hitting single target burst.

I’m trying to think of another skill with that much burst in 1 skill…and i can’t really think of any other…

Spike is working as intended, go read the skill description. Firestaff has incinerate which deals double damage. Spike requires significant set-up, Fire staff incinerate requires less, leftclicking doesnt require set up.

Clearly the description is challenging to read because its long and consists of sentences - i appreciate that, suggest you dont worry about this and continue on to left click away.

This is how the skill has worked since the ice gauntlet was added to New World in the alpha… The difference is that it isn’t a tiny percentage of mages that use it now, lots of them do. The spell’s damage actually got nerfed when chill got nerfed recently.

Has it always been a problem or just now that people have actually figured out how to use it properly?

PS - Try using it yourself in PvP… Report back here with your results after your first few hours with it :slight_smile:

so you are saying Spiky Reach tooltip “Ice shards fire from the sides of the mighty spike to hit a wider area.Each shard has a 6m range” reads as though it should all be able to hit 1 target?
That reads like an AoE to me.Not single target.

Don’t think its my reading comprehension thats the problem here.

ah yes the “this is how its always been approach” …Like this is not the same game that alpha was now is it.

You said a lot but never actually gave any feedback as to why you think its working as intended other than “alpha”.

…Because if the intent was different then it would have been reworked in the 10 months that it has been in the game as is. That’s a pretty clear sign of intent to me? And if the devs decide it’s too much damage after the increase in the spell’s popularity they’ll nerf it.

Have you tried using this spell? Landing all 4 damage instances in PvP is basically chance. Even landing the major spike itself is not easy. It got easier with the addition of scream though, that’s for sure.

The balance passes haven’t been done yet that’s why nothing has happened.They have reacted to very special cases of clearly broken things like fire staffs double hit (which in itself was very easy to test).Hardly anyone used Ice Spike until people found out you can abuse it.Now that its everywhere people can clearly see the problem like the vid OP showed.

This part right here.Why would there be a skill that just has a random chance in combat to 1 shot someone? Name another skill that can do that on a “chance”.

It goes against everything that IG is.Its a weapon with decent dmg but very very good CC.
But this 1 ability? yea that one can do more burst damage by “chance” than anything else.

Name another weapon that can do that.Name one that is built on CCs but has a super high single target.

Isnt the idea for different weapons that they do different things? I personally don’t see a problem with how Ice Spike functions and I actually use the ability (pretty clear you don’t). Ice Spike is a good nuke and a skill shot. If you’re looking for similar examples Penetrating shot can do close to the same single target damage and way more if you include each player hit. Incinerate can also do crazy damage. So can powder burn it just isn’t a burst ability.

I’m not against them making the spell easier to land and doing less damage in return. I think it will make the spell less fun to use though and bring down the skill ceiling for sure. At that point it comes down to opinion on which fits in the game better. I prefer how it is now versus a more skill-equalized version. The spell has always had one purpose - be the best single target burst spell in the game and also the hardest to land. I really like that, it’s the epitome of a skill shot. They’re gonna do what they’re gonna do with the spell. What I hope to not see is them neutering the ability entirely which, if they listen to everyone complaining about the spell who has never used it themselves, is what will happen.

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Yes Ive used it…just like everyone in my company that has switch to IG from GA.People always migrate to the most broken things they can find/hear about.I love skill shots too and skills being different.Pen shot won’t do this much burst on a single target.Incinerate has a pretty rough charge up time to use.But lets say they did.You get hit once by someone pen shot you know the dmg itll do.same for incinerate.Its not true for Ice spike and only Ice spike.

So if someone launched Ice spike at you.How would you know if your going to be quad hit or just get hit by the large spike? wheres the ability to account for that and react? like you said its just chance.Those other skills you mentioned don’t have that.No other abilities in game have that random chance to just half hp you or 1 shot you.That’s the problem.

But we’ll see if its intended at some point i guess.

Yeah man at the end of the day it just comes down to opinion. I can tell that you have little time on the weapon and there’s nothing wrong with that. I am not the type that just follows whatever meta is hyped up on youtube. I fell in love with the firestaff and ice gauntlet when I started playing and aside from short stints with the other loadouts to learn how to play them at a basic level I’ve stuck to traditional mage.

Pen can absolutely do as much as spike and even more in the right circumstances. Hell, a charged heavy attack from the bow can do just as much, I’ve seen it first hand.

If someone launches a spike at you, you either hold up your shield, pot to get to full HP before it hits, or pray. That is assuming you’re rooted from either shower or heavy freeze though. Otherwise you just dodge it completely :stuck_out_tongue:

Also when I said chance I should have been more specific. The window is so narrow that it is “essentially” chance for anyone who isn’t extremely good. If someone is an absolute god, obviously it isn’t chance at that point. Which is why I like the mechanics of the spell so much. There should be more of that in the game not less… Petitioning against Ice Spike’s mechanics does more harm than good, go petition for other spells to have higher skillshot reward instead. It used to be that way ya know, the game used to be much more skill based. People cried about OP spells and mechanics which they couldn’t learn themselves though and here we are with the current state of mechanics.

I know its not chance.I’m just using it the way you said it.

But the person on the receiving end will see it as chance.This guy sometimes 1 shots me and sometimes just half healths me with the same skill is a random damage spike that people cannot account for.You can’t react to that.Reacting to an incoming dmg spike is also a skill.

if your so for there being more skill required with abilities then you should also see the need for damage to be perceived as so.

Definitely. I think there should be abilities in the game that straight up reflect damage. Currently there is Riposte which completely nullifies an Ice Spike. I think shield block should have a perk that reflects damage like thorns. I think the next mage weapon should have an instant cast “reflect next instance of damage” type spell. I think that adding mechanics that counter things is better than nerfing things that are good. That’s just me though.

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Ice spike is like 4 pen shots in one lol what