Ice Spikes side Proccs still do less Dmg, with Elemental Gems

Side spikes, do like 60% of the Ice dmg.
952 Ice, 500 Arcane…
instead of 952 Ice, 952 Arcane

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guess it takes another 3 Months to fix that? :frowning:

bump ty

Shouldn’t you be using a T2 gem in it?

pvp probably, but vs corrupted > invasion, no and thats an extra weapon vs corrupted.

keen, vicious, corrupted Bane

as u might know, ice does tickle corrupted monster :smiley:
arcane doesnt

( dmg as u can see, ton’s of monster, while everyone else is zerging for bosses and forget about bomber etc… nothing op :rofl: )


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Hello hello @Vesstan! I apologize for the delayed response. I will get this sent to our Development team for review.

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ty @o-o
anything new?



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