Ice storm and other aoe effects getting cancel by other players' aoe

I didnt realized ice storm got patched. I wonder if this going to change the war meta. I will probably change my ice gauntlet build now.


you said the game should work to the point where only the person with the ability who does more should apply

explain to me how that takes skill

so you basically want the person who’s gear is higher or numbers tick higher according to rng to apply over someone else’s?


No…if you are an organized group you basically ask who is the main let’s say AOE dps of that skill, so he calls when he casts it and where, other people can cast the skill in different points etc. It’s a planned action. Not sure how on your server but we do call when we cast skills and where so we can act accordingly.

Didn’t say the solution is perfect, but anyhow implementing a system that doesn’t allow people to just spam all in single place is a good way. Just need to adapt to it and more importantly - We need to get informed about such changes…

Sometimes I wonder why do I even respond on this forum but well, I’ll leave it to you.

Sometimes I wonder why people come to forums to cry, especially when the cause of pain is the effort of playing.

(And the good posting guide on forums has instructions how to provide quality feedback)

Not a pvp’er, but my first thought is that this would be to prevent lag spiking. idk, probably wrong there since no one else mentions it.

Hello combat fans,
I wanted to introduce myself, I’m DaveNW and I lead the combat efforts on New World. Thanks for bringing this topic up.

There was no change made to the AoE stacking logic. This is working as intended and has been working this way since Closed Beta.

We do not want long duration AoE spells to stack on top of each other as this will cause massive scaling issues with damage and healing output in combat. Stacking multiple Sacred Ground spells would result in players being unkillable and conversely stacking multiple Ice Storms would immediately kill opposing players, neither experience is something we want to have happen. When AoE spells stack on top of each other, the AoE with the longest remaining duration will take priority, we like the idea of coordinating between team members to maximize the damage and healing output of these spells. The less overlapping you have of the spells, the higher your damage and healing output will be as a team.



I totally agree with what you are saying! but people are saying something changed right? like were the spells doing something and all the sudden they were doing else? I’m just curious. From reading threads it seems like they were stacking at some point, is that just false info? thanks!

I’m really glad they don’t stack, leads to higher competitive play.

This kind of transparency regarding combat systems and direct communications from one of the folks on said team is outstanding. Thanks!


I can sorta understand the logic of this however this will make choosing teams purely based on players who can do the most damage, have the strongest healing. There is already a problem with elitism in the invasions/wars etc with random players being kicked to make more room for company members. Now players who are not maxed to the hilt are likely to be kicked too.

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What’s the teams take on GA- gravity wells being stacked?

p.s. please fix wars



Why not just make 5 target cap for both damage and heal AoE? It’s not like other MMOs already had AoE stacking problem and successfully solved it by target cap right? Oh wait, they did.

It absolutely is intentional to fix it causing major server lag with too many overlapping and being abused in wars.

I agree it needed to be fixed. Not sure I agree with how they fixed the problem. Most other games give area abilities a fixed number of targets it can affect. 10 is pretty standard, just not sure that would work to fix the lag with their persistent effects.

Thanks for the clarification how the stacking works. Some people said that in PvE this logic doesn’t apply and that you can get healed by multiple sacred grounds at the same time. Is that wrong information?

Also in my opinion there is one flaw with taking the longest duration one into effect. That way weaker Sacred Grounds or other spells can overwrite a powerful one.

Shouldn’t it always take not the one with the longest duration left but the strongest one? Once that one runs out the new most powerful AoE is taken. That should be a solution with which almost everyone should be happy since you will always have the best possible effect.
The only negative which I could see is that tagging monsters would not be possible for people with weaker AoEs.

But it would prevent having someone with almost zero focus being able to overwrite a fully specced healers Sacred Ground.

It would also make sure that griefing is not possible. I’m not saying that people will do that but it would be possible to “sabotage” e.g. defending from invasions by taking an unskilled sacred ground and always casting the weak sacred ground on top of the main healers sacred ground - slightly delayed to make sure the weak one overwrites the good one.

By taking the strongest one such possibilities are made impossible immediately.


This 100% did stack from launch up until before the update, both damage and healing wise. But you’re saying it didn’t. Are you certain of this?


Exactly, this 100% did stack and countered the current mind numbing playstyle of full heavy great axe 50 mans stacking on a capture point to win. Mage AOE’s would punish this, right now, its unstoppable and boring… and since the AOE stacking change has come in, which it 100% has in the last 2 weeks, sieges are still a leg fest. IMO its a super bad game design for one of your damage spells to be over written by someone elses, how can you possibly control that in a siege environment, or in random pve pugs. You need to address this unless you want your whole player base to just run full heavy melee playstyle which is already getting extremely boring.

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DaveNW, MVP of the hour!

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Dave the MVP

My guild tested this in beta and it was like Dave explains it. We even formulated PvP builds based on that info and it worked out well for us!

What i am worried about with this is,
If you have Ice storm, Ice shower & Entombed as your build there is a huge chance you could use all 3 skills & do no damage.

Ice storm gets over written by someone else = 0 damage from that.
Ice shower does no damage so again no damage
Entombed is all thats left & only if a target gets close enough to get hit when you LMB out

It pretty much killing ice gauntlets, I havent looked to close at other weapons but my guess is you will be hard pressed to find a weapon that has 3 skills that could do zero damage.

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