Ice Storm/Fire Pillar Bug

There is a bug with ice storm n fire pillar where u clearly hit the target and or the mobs are stood in the area of the ice storm and it doesnt register that they are there and it deals 0 dmg


Yes i can confirm that. Tested on PvP ice storm works well on other players but does no damage to mobs. Pillar of fire have a new bug now :S You can see the fire animation under the mobs or players but it does no damage at all -.-

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yet another “Feature” by amazon ig

Same here, so dumb

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It is a very well known bug at the moment. By the way, in case you didn’t know, there is actually a forum section to report bugs. And yes it freaking sucks considering mages are already squishy with light armor and your spells not doing damage. I’m fire/ice and 2 of my spells do no damage in PvE. How fun it is to be a solo player right now

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Ice Gauntlet is my main weapon. This sucks. all that time wasted leveling this weapon and putting points into the ice Storm. Will cost me azoth to respect now.

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