Ice tomb bugged

ICE Tomb is bugged, it turns off for no reason after use it’s totally random … really annoying durning fight.

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Thanks for letting the forums know about this. What server are you on and what is your character name?

Caer Sidi MrPanderDrSky. Also I found a reason 2nd tap on skill button turns off it. Revert it to only lbm and rbm. So its not a bug… only impractical change… please close this topic.

So its just me? It does not break tomb RMB or LMB. Sometimes it does, sometimes it does not work for me.

Okk … anyway they should they should look at this xd

Update on this bug. I keep getting it in PvP Arenas and OPR. My Ice Tomb Ends, and I literally just stand there with my arms crossed like a vampire unable to do squat until someone runs up and kills me. It’s not consistent. I have not figured out the pattern or whatever it is that’s triggering it

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i’m also having this problem

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Thanks for refreshing. BUMP.

is not totally random, is a bug that you press the key of skill of ice tomb two times fast, and the second press will break the ice tomb… The correct is just spam the keyboard, and the ice tomb dont break.
And there is another bug, when you use ice tomb to protect yourself fast, and you got a stagger, the ice tomb cancel, and cancel the animation. This bug is ridiculous , just fix it fast.


bump, this bug need to be repaired asap.

any updates? i’m still having this problem

Probably not fixed I have learnt how to play with this very impractical change… Ice Pylon is not fixed since I remember so this will be probably never change…


  • Can u do something about this ? it’s freaking annoying when it comes to fight I have a good position and I can’t use skill … it happends in random moments … very often this pylon can decide if you win or lose…


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