Ice Tomb need to be counterable by Sticky Bomb or Traps. Cant be they are 100% invulnerable in and 1 sec after Tomb

Title. Its a brain dead ability with no counter. Should be able to throw a trap at tomb or time a sticky bomb. The invulnerability lingers waytoolong

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I’ve played a lot in the past ice guantlet, and I don’t share your vision, even if I’m not playing this anymore.

Ice tomb, is the only survability skill they have and they are not immune, just you have to break the ice to kill them, doesn’t appeal to me as an over powered skill.

It’s utility by the way is not only for pvp, but for pve too. It’s a usefull skill in pve, and it’s also a mana regen mode.

Fun fact. The devs acknowledged the invul after entombed as being a bug. They might fix it some day. Maybe.

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