Ice/Fire Crystal Core Drop?

Hello everyone!

I saw in the patch notes that devs " * Fixed issues preventing Gear Score 600 Arcana Weapons from being crafted.".
Did anyone get Ice/Fire Crystal Core dropped yet? If so, where? I have been farming for 2 hours 45+ Humanoid Creatures and haven’t seen them yet. I also have full luck gear as well as luck trophies.


Someone did link a Fire Crystal Core in General chat. No idea where it dropped though.

Also, what is classified as Humanoid creature?

80% of the creatures are humanoid so that 45+ humanoid thing is crap, i mean we at least need to know where there is a good chance of dropping it.

there are creatures that drop like 50 different things and there are some that drop like 500
so it would be nice to know where we have a good chance of getting it, on my server there are still non dropped or in AH so the chance must be supper little

Someone in my party got a fire core from Chardis, the final boss in the Lazarus expedition.

now the first one is in AH at our server, its a ice core… so the chance will be 1/1000000
to get a fire one, so i guess its better to not play for 1 month then you buy it for 1000 coins or something, not worth the effort of farming something without any information where it can drop

at least they could say this 20 bosses drop that stuff for sure so i dont kill a boss 100 times for nothing

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