Id like to use tokens for mastery

Hello, id like it to be possible to level weapon mastery for store currency tokens.
I feel like weapon mastery is a slow grind and if i can pay $10-20 usd for a weapon to go from mastery lvl 1-20. Id happily do so.
I do not feel like this would provide an unfair advantage unless it is a completely new fresh start server.
Another option id like to see would be double weapon mastery xp being able to be purchased. Like 8 hour package $5, 12 hour package $8, 1 day $12, and 3 day $25.
Finally if all these have been turned down, i’d like to see my rested xp after i turn lvl 60, to be converted into double weapon mastery gain for 2 levels per 8 hours of rested time.