Id rather get 1 shot comboed then left click spammed

who remembers when sns took skills


honestly wouldn’t even matter dog. With the current ult generation on runeglass + keenly jagged every class that used to be comboed would just click stoneform every 25 seconds anyway. Although I honestly agree as far as balance goes, game was in the best state before June. One-shot builds balanced ranged since their kit allows them to basically be immune to everything besides other ranged and one shots. It also forced everyone to be honest and run 200 con or die, which was much healthier for pvp. Also one shot builds prevent degenerate 15 stack mortal empowerment gameplay.


The one shot builds got mass reported then banned, so it was better.

also lmao “skills”

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The old SnS was more fair than the current iteration. If you dodged the enemy’s leap and bash you were safe. Now it doesn’t matter. The SnS’s tracking is similar to the greatsword (5.5m vs 5m) and it applies a slow in conjunction with the recent changes to dodge.


yup. its mostly the light roll trash changes

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you should retest SnS light attack lunge vs GS heavy lunge since you keep saying this all over the forums its just not genuine. Nobody out there spamming heavy attacks with the sns lets be real lol. SnS light lungs is probably 3-4m and the GS heavy is just shy of 6m but its more than 5.5 even standing still. Its over 6m if you are holding W key, almost 7m.


For like 10 seconds with their short cooldowns. But really, you would get net shot in the back, cant move then get one shot. If they missed too many skills, they would run around and try again.

shield bash: 25 seconds
riposte: 18 seconds
Fletchette: 20 seconds

SnS built in CDR vs Rapier built in CDR? Yeah ok 10 second cooldowns right lmao.


now playing dex i cant believe they complained about getting leaping striked. yea it happens and its annoying but more than likely its the easiest read in the world. then they got nothing. 100x better than getting bleybladed by the gs

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Yeah, everyone is using rapier. Tanks on my server were getting one shot, so they should have used broken rapier. They killed light players with just SnS without BB. Lmao, more than just dex players died.

They would be running behind you and used the skill before you could see them. There was no skill involved.

to be fair leaping strike used to be a 50% slow and it lasted 8 seconds and gave us 20% base damage increase lmao. That shit was low key insane back then. I still think the triple nerf on leaping strike was overboard but oh well :person_shrugging:

yea but that was solely in the back. i can count the number of times i got snuck up on on my fingers. if people werent unzooming and alt looking between every shot or every now and then thats just a skill dif


it was still better even only in the back it used to be real engage now leaping strike is either an execute or use it to engage then swap to secondary, or if they are super bad maybe you can land the shield bash if you see them panicking.

You obviously didn’t play during that time. They camped the path out of opr spawn. They camped prone behind walls/trees/rocks/hills. They camped bushes in GC. 90% of kills were people running. “skill” lmao no

Yeah going to disagree with you on this one, new world has always had lag and Desync problems. Leap is a very fast ability and often times they just seeming teleport to you in an instant, or you would dodge the leap on your screen but on theirs the land the leap and you get hit what looks like mid roll. Perfect example, on his screen he was still in dodge animation but on mine it looked completely different when I landed the leap. You can also seem him cast riposte but on my end he never did.

bro look alive. 99 percent of ppl are runing sns now. Before it was maybe 5 percent but they were mostly goated so maybe it looked like more to you

what u mean you caught him red handed. Like i said ofc there were some questionable ones. Fleching doesnt remove the tracking only dodge. homie didnt even reposte. this aint desync just delayed reactions.

If they were so goated, why were they trash after the nerfs even with other weapons? It was 5% because most people didn’t have the money or cared to change specs, and most of ones that did got banned.

Well the great sword came out so now everyone is goated. hard to tell now. you following me? They either went to gs or dex most likely

Lmao @ preferring to get 1 combo’d with zero chance to being left clicked which has to at minimum take 4+ clicks meaning multiple opportunities to counter play or escape. Craziness.