Id rather get 1 shot comboed then left click spammed

At the end of the clip his character is activating riposte but he is already dead,. But you’re missing my point what he sees vs what I see is completely different. Like I don’t have my pov but they weren’t the same. He didn’t even have control of his character yet when he got leaped which is why he reacted that way lol.

you would prefer getting l1 spammed while being infinite slowed over someone having to use 4+ abilitys?

Yes, I legit think being 1 combo’d with no chance to even play my character is the #1 worst feeling way to die. Even more than I hate being shot by hitscan haha

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that isnt a repost activation. he started pressing it when it was way too late. Now there is desyncing repostes it happens all the time. This one isnt that. Also he had his chance to kill you earlier if he hit his shots

you would rather get l1 spammed 4 times than 4 abilitys. ok man.

Yeah I know this, I’m just saying what he sees vs what I see were completely different. That’s my point. Sometimes I’ve been leaped almost as if people teleport, like I get staggered before they even leap basically, . I’ve watched plenty of play backs where the blade never even touches me, and I’m one or 2 steps away, so far the bash doesn’t even connect, yet I still got staggered. That’s all I’m trying to say. Like what each player sees isn’t always the same because this game runs like garbage. I remember months ago, while I was on COS, I was standing on star, some bruiser runs in and throws a grav well, I dodge roll, run a few steps steps and then start to attack the brusier when he casted his abilities in the grav. Then I randomly teleport back into the grav well and am basically dead. I asked the dude if I dodged on his screen and he was like no, I thought you were afk… Stuff like this doesn’t happen anymore but other desycn and lag problems still exist And it’s different for each person which is just so dumb. Some people have smooth gameplay and others can be super laggy and stutters.

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the counter was 200 con, kept everyone honest.

true. only thing i would say to that. This is just the game being wonky. Happens to all of us. leaping strike aside

Shockwave also has this issue where it will active at the top of the animation instead of while its coming down. Gotta love new world net code.

You tested it and observed the same findings. The SnS and GS have similar heavy attack tracking distances.

SnS light attacks have significant tracking as well. SnS light attacks track through dodge, for instance. I have no objective way of testing it by myself, though, especially when considering the impact on attack speed, dodge distance reduction and Achilles heel. I can say if you apply Achilles heel, the enemy in light armor can dodge 3 times in a row and they will still be in light attack tracking range.

I can objectively say the SnS heavy attacks nearly track as far as the GS heavy attacks.

You can simply use the weapon and tell it has significantly more tracking than the rapier or hatchet.

Additionally, there are a lot of SnS players who couldn’t kill anyone in 3v3s prior to the dodge reduction changes who seemingly overnight started to carry 3v3 matches.


Some days it always happens, some days it never happens like, super frustrating way to die. Guy isn’t even half way done with the animation and I get knocked down…

yeah I understand your plight, SnS definetly feels opressive in arena moreso because you use musket and have no where to run your only option is to fight them. If you get hit by the third swing of SnS that’s a misplay though. Give those SnS players a GS and they will do even better tbh. SnS tracking has always been its strength though, like chasing people down was always its niche even before the dodge slow reduction changes. I would have to see gameplay from you but my guess is you need to roll through people more as that pretty much counters all melee tracking in the game except for the GS overhead abilities. Honestly though I mostly agree with you just revert the roll slow reduction, don’t think they should touch sns light attacks though, weapon has had enough nerfs.

I use the GS and SnS/rapier now. I started with the GS rapier, but I discover the SnS is a lot easier than the rapier. I haven’t tried the GA too much yet, which might be better for what I want to do, but the SnS has better tracking than the GA, so I don’t know.

They should just buff the hatchet/rapier’s tracking at least 25%, so it can be on par with the SnS.

SnS/GS is better for arena imo, its just bad into triple range comps (ironically even though it counters single range extremely well). GA/GS is kind of just good in content since grav well.

LMAO. You cannot buff hatchet tracking to be on par with SnS. You have no idea how overpowered that would be. Rapier is iffy I don’t think rapier autos are even the problem its the recovery animation on tondo needs to be fixed. probably could use a longer range on its heavy I think its lights are in a good spot personally though.

You do realize that weapon attack speed has to be considered when balanced lunge ranges yeah? @Kippp

I don’t understand why you think that shouldn’t have have hit?
He was out of the dodge, starting to use fleche. I see that he was mashing riposte, but he got hit during that fleche startup animation and was interrupted before riposte activated.

my main point is where he is on his screen vs where I see him on mine were completely different. And to me, looks like he is still in dodge. he can’t even activate an ability even if he wanted. Like the i’frame on light roll is kinda scuffed, you aren’t immune the entire time, you can get hit towards the very end of it like in the clip but not have the ability to activate any abilities yet even though your no longer in i-frame.

i have this desinc issues too no clue how to fix it tryed different things adding anticheat etc. i run lowest grafic possible not exploiting Nvidia profile inspector to hide all the flora what ags said its not allowed but not even baning ppl using it on stream. on the other side the homing doesnt work often for me as melee with the desinc. on the other side with the high potential of escaping with light roll + hatched speed or rapier the homing atm is needed. did you try to kill a bow hatched or bow and rapier without bruiser meta build in arena?

Yup, killed plenty, I don’t play melee.

the first 2 light attacks on S&S have very good tracking and lunge compared to GA, the third light on S&S with the slow attached has very poor tracking and distance lunge, if oyu dodge the third light attack and the S&S isnt directly on your butt then a heavy dodge isnt enough to get back into tracking distance as long as you dont have a slow attached. if you do get hit by the third light attack then you cant roll until the next third light attack comes in, the slow will be ended by then and allow a full dodge distance away. a mistake i see alot of people do is trying to roll away after getting hit by the third attack slow which will keep the S&S user on your butt after they dodge with you. you essentially have the dodge distance of a heavy at that point.

PvP just has not been the same ever since they released Brimstone.

Too many heavyhanded changes to light armor in one patch and the introduction of the absolutely busted Greatsword combined with all the countless combat related bugs that still haven’t been fixed to this day killed the game for a ton of good players and turned their combat system from being a strong point to being laughed about.

That’s what happens when the developers are completely disconnected from their own game and apply major changes to core functionality of the game based on feedback from subpar players like themselves.