Idea: Alternative Play Modes: Ironman, PVP Locked, Hardcore Mode, etc

worked out very well in alpha. :joy:

Haha well this might be a possible alternative at least. As it seems that they will likely not be doing PVP only servers any time soon based on the experience in alpha and statements they have made since

Cool ideas.

For those who really want this, I have good news for you. These modes already exist in game. You just set the rules you want to play by, and follow them. Want to play Hardcore PvP Iron Dweller Mode? Don’t trade with anyone or use the TP, always flag up, and delete your character if you die.


Thanks. People actually are doing this! I think there is a famous streamer/youtuber that people reference on the forums that has been doing the typical ironman style of play. People can definitely do these things but there is something nice about being given recognition for it with something to denote that your account has these restrictions active. It helps prevent people from “cheating” but just as importantly it lets players show off their account with an iron dweller icon on their nameplate or hardcore iron dweller one. People do argue, why do people need this recognition? I suppose is not necessary but the same way that why does anyone need any recognition of anything in an MMO? The genre is definitely based on that and when these official modes are created, these communities absolutely flourish.

Always welcome to other ideas for restrictions for any of these modes, other possible mode ideas, etc. Thanks all!!


Would that it were.

Were that it would??